A grind to the end, but we finished it #together. I felt everything in this one…
The first half was carefree, fun, light, and incredibly easygoing. Running 26.x miles the first 3 hours I was even catching a few footballs and enjoying the day 🏈.
As if a light switch was turned off, after about 3.5 hours the 90% humidity (and probably running a bit quick for the conditions) took its toll – the stomach went sour, nausea, dizziness, and vomiting 5 times within 60 seconds 🤮. From there it was an uphill battle getting fluids and calories back closing the last couple hours with full leg cramps and the portal potty 🚽.
Never by coincidence, my greatest light of the day was near the darkest valley. My 9 year old showed up at the lap/aid station when I was really struggling and walking … “Mom thought you could use a pacer” 😭 He had his normal curliest of hair and toothiest of smiles with his own waterbottle … my favorite lap.
43.x miles total – not on my own power but God’s graces through all of you! Alicia being super-wife per usual: vomit patrol, spoon feeding me applesauce like a baby 👶, and still taking care of our kids! Altra Dan picked up some unforeseen super-crew duties as well, the whole HERD out and around the loop, and of course @justingrunewald1 and Richard Cruz for helping me keep going, #RunWithJoy, and be @bravelikegabe. Somehow after an “off” and painful day I walk away incredibly thankful – still trying to process.♥️
Bigger update tomorrow (Monday – with final pledges info) on @blueoxrunning social media.
#blueoxherd #runningonhope #bravelikegabe #runec #runeauclaire #runchat #ultrachat


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