I probably say this every time, but it was my favorite #finish line! A much needed confidence boost.
5 weeks prior – a race gone wrong with my worst bonk to date.
3 days prior – a loved one in the hospital, I didn’t know where my head would be at for this one.
5 minutes prior – the body was in full blown oxygen debt and really struggling that last 500ft accent climb.
I entered Sunday with a simple plan to nail the nutrition and run easy for 3 hours before grinding to the end – a glorified training run/race for my A-goal race @jfk50mile in 4 weeks. I’m happy to say I calmy and confidently nailed both goals but was certainly overwhelmed with emotion coming down the stretch. Power-hiking, I quickly started to get down on myself up the last climb not grabbing a bigger “time bonus” for sub-3:50 but the smiles and fist-pumps quickly took over as I was able to enjoy and spectate the simple #kidjoy of running. I want to run like my kids with a football and a huge smile not caring my shoe is untied 
They’re older now and don’t need to be picked up across the line. They’re pushing me to make #joy the real reason I get out of bed. Even when life gets long and the climb is steep, these moments can erupt. Take them slowly and enjoy your opportunities to #savor.
Plenty of elevation change for today’s 3:51:xx which ends up being 16 minutes faster than a 3 years younger version of myself and a course record to boot 🥾 on the best conditions I’ve ever raced in 🍁 … I’m recovering and getting ready for the big show out East 🙌
📷James Katie & Hixon 50


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