Don’t let my finish line pics, race reports, and job title fool you … running is really really hard for me right now. I feel out of whack and in a slump. Injuries don’t help. I cancelled my November and January races and have been working through physical therapy, x-rays, MRI, and more since November (6 months now).

Training cycles have their ebbs and flows of stress and recovery as do full seasons of life … I’m counting this as my opportunity to have my best down/off season ever. Address some major weakness and balance issues, get stronger, cross train, and (eventually) … #run!!

The rest, recovery, and rehab are all part of the process … just like the pain and the gain! Embrace it. If you’re unable to “get after it” as you’re used to for whatever reason, find other ways to move if needed but continue onward with your other (more important) mental, social, & spiritual momentum.

Cheering others on is often MORE life giving than running the race yourself – kids’ football, bike racing, XC, Alicias 1st marathon, low key / low mileage group runs, catching up with friends at Fall Back Blast, lead biker at NCAA regional XC … my heart is full!

I have much to be thankful for, many on my team, and much hope entering this upcoming #OneYearProject … more to come “soon” 🌄

One thought on “My first taste of “real” injury …

  1. It is so helpful to remind yourself that life is full of amazing adventures, and that sometimes you may fall short of what you think you want for yourself, but life takes care of giving you what you need.

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