I feel like I’ve been posting “the hard stuff” lately and wanted to share how carefree and fun my morning was … Running is getting better – I’m up to ~55 minutes of running every other day, but have been cross training a lot too! Today was the first time on a road bike in 25+ years 🚴‍♂️

But … STILL don’t call me a biker! (or a runner, I’m just “Adam”) 😀

✅ Picked up a used 11 year old road bike on Facebook this week … wanting / needing more long endurance as part of my rehab.

✅ Still don’t shave my legs

✅ Wore mountain bike pedals / shoes

✅ Running socks.

✅ Running watch / GPS

But …. WOW (!) what a beautiful #Wisconsin morning. I immensely enjoyed myself getting back to my biking roots – so many memories with dad climbing and descending around La Crosse 25+ years ago. Much laughing, a bit of (happy) crying, prayer (eyes open), and sun 🌅

This ride was so so so good for my head, heart, and I hope legs / lungs too! 🤘👊❤️

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