It was my #crew that got me through!!!
Quick report regarding my first @jfk50mile – a world class event! My typical mantra and prayers for God’s grace to FLOAT, RUN, & GRIND paid off as I was …
** FLOATing on the early rugged trails thankful for a beautiful sunrise – 21st place @ 15 miles
** RUNning down the flatter tow path along the beautiful river to move up to 17th @ 27 miles and my highest placing of 9th/10th @ 38 miles
It’s here where I was hitting my only major low patch for the day and came upon my power-crew (wife & sister) at the perfect time. I stopped for 6-8 minutes to get things right with a ton of Pringles, @redbull, and I don’t remember else. .
It was tough from 38-42 miles, but I got right again and put on a full GRIND to the end finishing the last 4 miles at 6:4x/mile.
I didn’t see the prestigious 10th place finishers coming back to me anymore and was fighting alone on the empty country roads grunting, grinding, and pounding it out. I put up a fight and wanted 10th place bad, but it wasn’t to be. The fact I faught and never gave up or looked back is the true battle I suppose. I ran up to the finish line with smiles and thumbs up… I love running so much. My heart, legs, and lungs on fire, but there’s something out there my soul feels when I’m closest to God I can’t describe in a quick write-up.
Thanks for the love and encouragement, 11th overall in 6:21:xx is fun stuff!
Special thanks to Trail Transformation out of LaCrosse for helping so much with my nutrition plan lately – it was so helpful in helping me sustain, overcome, and grind on rather than die a longer painful death as in many ultras-past. And of course the excellent gear with @altrarunning@nathansportsinc@cepcompression@humagel@tailwindnutrition, and more!

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