I’ll say the same thing as last year … #run for joy, not PRs.♥️
The issue was forced a bit more this time. Within 10 seconds of the gun going off I realized my watch malfunctioned…memory full. Tried to start again, no go. I instantly knew it was meant to be – I ripped off my watch and tossed it to a friend spectating and from the very first minute I was in a new place – running fully on feel, fully on joy, and upon the fuel of people. No longer a slave to any time goals or expectations. 😬👍👊
I gathered the 10k, 8mile, and 1/2 way split along the way, but what kept me going was a longing to see, feel, and give our @ecmarathon day energy. FLOAT (to the bike path), RUN (to downtown), GRIND (to the finish) was my mantra and so I floated, ran, and put the legs through the meat grinder.
Soreness & heaviness came earlier than expected. Heat & many gorillas jumped on my back for the last 8 miles. My worst time of 8 marathons. Hamstring issues the last 12 days of training. But when you have joy … when you run with joy, it surpasses soreness and the heaviness of gorillas on your back & legs. It LIFTS the burden and a heaviness of self expectation. It puts the heat & hamstring & time in their proper place – blurred out in the periphery while putting people & pleasure front and center.
My first #marathon win. A gorilla off my back. But in the end, I’ll remember the high-fives and the cheers, and the sun in the trees, and the laughter, and the smiles, and the signs, and the hugs along the way. You showed up big #eauclaire, thanks so much for moo’ing me home. 🐂


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